Meet Laura

👋Hi! My Name is Dr. Laura Sharp-Waites

Helping people has always been a gift. For many years, Laura was a Special Education Teacher and a College Professor, supporting people of all ages and walks of life through a myriad of personal, professional, spiritual struggles. 

In 2014, God started calling her towards ministry. At first, she was doing ministry in her classroom which she considered a sanctuary.

Laura was blessed to pray for her students, with her students and over her students, and thankfully because of where she taught, Laura was able to do that. God put students in Laura’s courses that were going through something or who would need her during that semester. Laura took every opportunity to share her faith and shine God’s light all for His glory.

In 2016, God started leading Laura towards full time ministry and she started her Education and Formation to be a Lutheran Deaconess through The Lutheran Diaconal Association.

Along this ministry journey, Laura experienced Spiritual Warfare. At first it was little things, but the enemy quickly moved on to something he thought would sideline her, Breast Cancer. Unfortunately for him, Laura was stronger than he was. And through her cancer journey, her solid faith became even stronger. She was able to complete her Education and Formation and was consecrated on April 9, 2022.

Laura holds a number of certifications – Grief Recovery Method, EFT Tapping, PREPARE ENRICH, SYMBIS, Energy Healing with Emotion Code and Body Code and degrees including a Master’s in Special Education, a Master’s in Divinity: Pastoral Counseling, and a Doctorate in Higher Education.

But please don’t let Laura’s credentials scare you. Her healing was the catalyst that propelled her into further training and now she blends her extensive educational experience and certifications to serve Christians and help them achieve transformations.

When not working, you can find Laura hanging out with her husband Todd, spending time with family and critters, or up in the mountains⛰️. Laura is a breast cancer survivor🎗️, wife👩‍❤️‍👨, fur-baby mom🐕🐈, and ☕ coffee lover.

What They Say

Laura is amazing. She meets you right where you are at. She finds you in the darkness and shines her light so bright for you…

Leeanne P.

Would you love to have someone to walk along side you through your life? With all the ups and the downs?

Mandi K.

When I met Laura, I was moving forward at a very slow pace. It was as though I was stuck in quicksand and barely moving…

Myrna B.