Welcome to Safe Place Conversations™

Safe Place Conversations™ is a revolutionary way to conduct Pastoral Counseling Sessions using Push-To-Talk technology.

Traditional Pastoral Counseling, either in person or on Zoom, for 45 mins to an hour can be exhausting, draining, and not as productive as they could be.

With Safe Place Conversations™ you don’t have to look your counselor in the eye or know they are looking at you while you describing difficult and painful situations you have experienced such as trauma, abuse, or loss.

Instead, Safe Place Conversations™ allows you to live your life while being able to have ample time to process your thoughts and feelings without the traditional Pastoral Counseling time frame. This is perfect for those who prefer or desire a longer processing time. These Conversations are richer as they take place over the span of 1 day, roughly from 9:00am-6:00pm EST.

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